Sam Ward

Natural History Museum of Utah Trailhead to Utah

The Trailhead to Utah mobile app that celebrates The Natural History Museum of Utah. The goal of the project was to tell the rich stories behind the museum’s natural history and art collection. The app also extends the visitor’s experience beyond the museum, by enchanting users with NHMU’s expert insights on Utah’s unique cultural heritage and natural history.
I worked with museum curators and staff to architect the user experience of the app. We organized the app around thematic ‘trails’ through the museum, focusing on topics like Energy, Sustainability, and Museum Highlights.
Users can call up details on museum exhibits, works of art, and even the LEED certified building by keying in unique IDs into the app. Each stop along the trail offers behind-the-scenes interviews with paleontologists, scientists, and curators, who bring the collection to life. Slideshows, interactive diagrams, and maps provide additional content and context to the tours.
I was thrilled to travel to Salt Lake City to pitch this project. The museum itself is beautiful - clad in copper seam, it blends into the landscape surrounding it. The Trailhead to Utah app is a powerful mobile guide to the museum, and the natural wonders beyond.